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DoubleC Paper Bag


When you think about it, it’s odd that more businesses don’t take advantage of paper bag marketing! Think of how many pens you have, or have given out, with company names on, now imagine that name enlarged on the side of a bag, and carried through busy streets. They’re a low-cost billboard!

This makes them perfect promotional tools, people will keep your name, logo, and message in the public eye without anyone on your end lifting a finger, and you’ll have provided them with something useful in return. 

Pick an eye-catching design. You want the bag to attract attention, so think outside of the box to come up with something innovative. Think about what your business provides. If you’re a design firm, try placing a print of an artist’s palette by the handle holes to make it appear users are carrying one around. If you provide fitness equipment, try creating the illusion that people are carrying dumbbells! The more your design sticks out the better, so remember to use bold, vibrant colours.

Finally, give them out! Trade shows and networking events are always great places to distribute promotional material to other business people. If you want them to go directly to the general public, you can use them to hold informational material concerning your business.

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