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The Print Technology Behind a Deboss Business Card

DoubleC Embossed Business Card Image1At DoubleC Printing we don’t just want our business cards to look great we want them to FEEL great too, which is why we give our customers the opportunity to add a whole new element of luxury to their business cards with deboss business cards.
The Print Technology Behind a Deboss Business Card
A deboss business card is produced in a similar way to an embossed business card using a metal plate and a counter. The end result will be either an embossed card through a raised impression or a debossed card creating a depressed impression.
1. Debossing can be Integrated Seamlessly into your Design
Your business card is your businesses mini-shop window which fits in your potential clients pocket, so you want to make sure it is giving off all the right messages. The main advantage of opting for debossing is that it gives off an aura of professionalism, printed on high quality paper, you can accentuate your snazzy artwork or design elements in a subtle but distinctly memorable way.
2. Deboss Business Cards Has Your Businesses Back
Do you want your business to be remembered after your next networking or tradeshow event? Remember that after you have delivered your strong elevator pitch, all your potential clients have to go on is your business card. A debossed business card not only adds an element of luxury to your business cards but can elevate your business to a whole new level in the eyes of prospective customers and clients. Your business cards are an investment in your businesses brand that keeps talking, even when you are out of the room.
3. Feeling Brave? Make Your Business Cards Pop with a Deboss Effect and Colour Combo!
Every business should strive to be adventurous with their business card branding. The world of business is a dog eat dog world and everyone from the local plumber to high flying lawyer can benefit from a fusion of debossing or embossing with a well chosen contrasting colour scheme. Unleash your inner creative and come to us with your ideas and we can make them a reality.
4. Remember that Debossing or Embossing affects the Back of Your Card!
It may sound like common sense but debossing and embossing has a direct result on the back of a card. Therefore it is essential to ensure that any fine print or important details are not distorted. It is important to hire experienced professionals to make sure that your business cards not only look great but are serving their purpose. Attracting business!
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